Rob Feder, the broadcasting columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, leaves the paper on Friday after nearly 30 years there. There’s a item from Richard Roeper about him here.

Most cities have only one metro daily. There is obviously still the remnants of the great newspaper wars in New York. But even there much of what has kept the Daily News and the Post going are the egos of their very rich proprietors, who grimly subsidize them wen necessary.

In Chicago, the Tribune dominates, of course; it has traditionall been a serious newspaper with antional pretentions to importance and the classic metro daily’s dominance of the remunerative suburban market. So it remains slightly amazing to this day that against all odds a competitor, the CHicago Sun-Times has remained.

One of the ways the Sun-Times did it is by being a lot better than it had to be. It was a nuty paper (believe me, it was a nutty paper) but there still remained in it people who thought papers should try to win the old fashioned way, which is by pblishing things people wanted to read. In a weird way, I thought the Tribune never really got this. Again, a serious place, with serious peple, and with serious comitments to investigative journalism, for example. But one thing it was never good at is by going out and collecting information on a daily basis and pu blishing it in the paper and

I’m basing this from my time in Chicago

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