I’m a longtime journalist and the former arts editor of Salon.com and National Public Radio.

Hitsville was the name of a pop-music column I wrote first for the East Bay Express, in Berkeley, and then the Chicago Reader.

I’ve written about the entertainment and media industries for a lot of publications, including most recently New York, the New Yorker, the NYT, the WSJ and Columbia Journalism Review. I regularly appeared on Al Jazeera America during its run in the U.S., from 2013 to 2016. And back in the day I wrote for Entertainment Weekly,  Rolling Stone and other places.

Also in Chicago, I started the radio show Sound Opinions with Jim DeRogatis. DeRo has been hosting a rebooted version with the Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot for many years.

I was an editor at Salon during the go-go internet years in San Francisco. At NPR, I oversaw the network’s arts, entertainment, digital and media coverage across its signature news shows.