What the Media Failed to Mention in Their David Bowie obituaries
Columbia Journalism Review

bowieA CNN report, for example, went out of its way to mention Bowie’s involvement in a “schoolboy fight over a girl.” Bowie’s own contemporary version of his life then was much different. He told Playboy:

So it was some very pretty boy in class in some school or other that I took home and neatly fucked on my bed upstairs.



The Vulgar Boatmen’s “You & Your Sister,'” 25 Years Later

vulgar boatmenSpending the past few weeks with “You and Your Sister” brought its intensity back to me. There’s a six-minute song called “Drive Somewhere,” recorded with a great deal of unexpected clarity at Ray’s home studio, in Florida. It turns a lethally incisive backing track into a thrilling, expansive trip; the melodic changeups are snapping visions of light. I was immediately back amid the emotional maelstrom of driving, love, the radio, family, all making unified and coherent sense.


Everything You Know About the Oscars and Diversity Is Wrong
Columbia Journalism Review

oscarThe Academy’s switch to awarding most of its nominations to movies that don’t make a lot of money opened the door to the increase, over the last 15 years, in minority performers, as art films and those with more modest designs began elbowing aside slick commercial entertainments.

In 2008, Slumdog Millionaire, a film about a poor Indian boy, won best picture. Two years ago, 12 Years a Slave, the devastating portrayal of the lives of slaves in the pre-Civil War south, dominated the awards, winning best picture for director Steve McQueen, and best adapted screenplay for John Ridley, both of whom are black.

All 74 Led Zeppelin Songs, Ranked from Worst to Best
Vulture.com (New York magazine)


Led ZeppelinAll the old terms used to explain this still apply: Zeppelin were a sledgehammer, a steamroller, a juggernaut, a leviathan, picking the music up, turning it into a club, and wielding it unmercifully, often on innocent bystanders and any nearby baby seals.

The first side of the band’s first self-titled album contained arguably the hardest-rocking, most thoroughly enjoyable set of songs any mortals had yet created. It created a sensation, and the group’s earliest tours began to spread the word of a uniquely powerful live assault. Zeppelin soon became the ultimate uncompromising hard-rock band, imperiously traveling the globe to deliver pummeling concerts at ear-splitting volume, attend to the local womenfolk, and take away unprecedented paychecks

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